Pinching Pennies with Your Turtle Creek Dallas Apartments


Crest at Oak Park has the apartments Turtle Creek Dallas residents turn to for luxurious living in the heart of the city. Our uptown Dallas apartments have the ideal location for enjoying all the luxuries that Dallas offers as well since we’re just a quarter mile from the Dallas tollway. Whether you need quick access to Turtle Creek, the Dallas Medical District, or the Love Field airport, just search ‘apartments near me’ to find Crest at Oak Park. While luxury is important to our residents, no one ever regretted saving some money now and then. That’s why our apartments provide all the niceties in life while remaining affordable. We want to help our residents save money in other areas of life too, so the Crest team put together this list of tips for saving money next time you’re going out on the town.

  1. Leave your credit card in your wallet

According to Psychology Today, a 2008 study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied found that there are actually significant differences in how much money people spend based on how they decide to pay for things. The researcher’s main argument was that:

“the more transparent the payment outflow, the greater the aversion to spending or higher the ‘pain of paying’ …leading to less transparent payment modes such as credit cards and gift cards (vs. cash) being more easily spent or treated as play or ‘monopoly money.’”

The remedy to this problem? Take out cash before you go out and don’t use your card. This will prevent you from opening tabs, which lead to even more painless spending. You want to be able to feel the effect of the money you’re spending, and physical cash is still the best way to do that.

2. Keep a post-party snack in the freezer

Even if you’re not the type to typically eat junk food like frozen pizzas and pizza rolls, having them around is a great way to save money on late night eats. It’s easy to turn down that 1 a.m. trip to the food truck when you know you have a frozen pizza waiting for you at home that will cost you nothing.

3. Seek out late-night happy hours

You’ve seen the advertisements for late night happy hours before, you just never associated happy hour with your actual plans for the night. Happy Hour isn’t just for people looking for a quick drink and appetizer after work. Look for the rare 9-midnight happy hour special next time you’re trying to decide which hot spot to hit up on your night out. You’ll be shocked when you go to get your tab at the end of the night and it’s $10 cheaper than you expected.

4. Go somewhere close

The expenses that you don’t think about are the ones that add up to make it seem like you spent too much money. One cost that nobody ever seems to think about is the cost of getting to and from the bar. Whether you’re using a taxi, Uber, or some other ride sharing app, those costs should be calculated into the cost of the evening before you decide where you’re going. Okay, maybe you’re pretty responsible and you always factor in the cost of the ride to the bar before you go. But are you thinking about the cost of the ride back? What if you have to pay for the ride back on your own if you get split up from your friends? Even the most responsible among us will have a hard time remembering to factor in the costs of the ride back. The solution to this problem is to stick to bars and restaurants that are close by, at least until you’re done trying to save money.

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