Your Uptown Dallas Apartments team talks Thanksgiving Food


We pride ourselves on having the apartments Turtle Creek Dallas residents can count on for luxury living, and part of that luxury includes our informative weekly blog posts. Next time you’re searching the web for ‘apartments near me’ be sure to check out Crest at Oak Park. In this week’s post, the team at your uptown Dallas Apartments will be ranking and discussing the usual suspects on your plate for Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you’re hosting thanksgiving at Crest at Oak Park or heading on over to Grandma’s house, these foods are some must-haves on the menu.


Turkey is usually the driest food on your plate come Thanksgiving Day. This can be offset with gravy, or by making sure you have some stuffing or mashed potatoes on your fork every time you take a bite of the turkey. Turkey is usually the centerpiece of the meal, but it would be fair to say that turkey is nothing without the other sides on your plate that compliment it.


A thick, flavorful gravy can be the difference between a satisfying Thanksgiving meal and a total letdown. This is because well-made gravy can go on everything, from the mashed potatoes to the turkey and on down to the stuffing. Gravy is the glue that holds Thanksgiving meals together.


There is no such thing as eating too much stuffing on Thanksgiving day, unless you fail to leave any leftovers for the rest of the weekend. Stuffing is delicious, yet only seems to show up once a year around Thanksgiving. This is a problem that should be solved. In the future, perhaps stuffing can be as common as French fries or cole slaw. Regardless, a rich stuffing should fill up as much of your plate as possible on Thanksgiving Day. Give stuffing plenty of room and let the other foods fight for the remaining space.

Mashed Potatoes

Without adequate amounts of butter and salt, mashed potatoes can be a real disappointment. If you’re not sure how flavorful the mashed potatoes will be, just add copious amounts of gravy and don’t look back. Mashed potatoes are mainly used as a gravy-holder on your plate anyway.


Cranberries are another food that only seems to show up on Thanksgiving day. They provide a vastly different flavor than the buttery, salty flavors on the rest of your plate. Cranberries are usually an afterthought, but don’t underestimate the combination of cranberries and stuffing come Thanksgiving Day.

Green Beans

Green beans are often the only vegetables to be found on a Thanksgiving dinner plate. As far as vegetables go though, green beans rank pretty high. Add plenty of salt and pepper on top of your green beans for a nice crunchy treat that’s a whole lot healthier than anything else on your plate.


Squash is the more versatile food when compared to pumpkins. Sure, pumpkins provide roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie, but that’s it. Now think about butternut squash, spaghetti squash, grilled squash and zucchini…the list goes on. Pumpkin gets all the glory, but squash delivers when it counts on Thanksgiving Day.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is so stereotypical, but so good. There is no better way to cap off a delicious Thanksgiving meal than a piece of pumpkin pie with ice cream on the side and whipped cream on top. Sweet but not too sweet, creamy yet crunchy, pumpkin pie is a beloved Thanksgiving staple that makes everything right with the world as you settle in to watch football on the couch.

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