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363 E Military Rd, Marion, AR 72364, USA

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Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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Area Served:
Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 363 E Military Rd, Marion, AR 72364, USA
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Why Hire Us as Your Memphis Property Manager

Proudly serving the Greater Memphis Area

The Jander Group, Inc is a real estate firm devoted exclusively to residential property management and fully licensed by the State of Arkansas and the State of Tennessee to perform all real estate activities.

Our professional staff has over 100 years of experience managing a wide range and variety of high quality rental homes in the Greater Memphis area. The Jander Group, Inc is dedicated to providing the finest, most complete, and most professional property management services.

Google Rating: 3.0 out of 5 stars (16 total ratings)

1 Star
Do not recommend. Its usually a bad sign when you can't get someone on the phone at a business. They have absolutely no urgency in closing a deal with an approved applicant. These people never answer the phone or return calls and it takes an entire day to get ONE response via email. Even after being approved they refused to give me a call to lock in a definite day to view the home. It seems like this company is lining their pockets with application fees.
Tuesday 18th October 2022
Melissa Bishop
1 Star
I have sent this company numerous emails, called almost everyday. I've left messages and not one person called me back. We were having a hard time with the application and we sent everything they requested in a pdf. I even asked if something didn't come through to please tell me what. They sent me the same 2 emails that said the same. I still do not know what they didn't receive. I sent vet records, a picture of my dog, colored driver's license, 3 pay stubs and we even sent a W2, and our car registration. I'm still in the dark on what they didn't receive. The sad part was I was able to talk to someone in the Orlando office and she tried to answer or help us. Needless to say after sending everything in with a email saying if something wasn't there let me know what that item was, not the same generic email.. It honestly felt as if we were buying a home not trying to rent.. So please be careful if you are trying to get this done out of state. It's impossible to speak to anyone there. It was the worse and most disappointing situation.. We're not giving up, there are plenty other homes to rent.
Wednesday 13th April 2022
K. Harris
1 Star
Just like previous reviews. Avoid at all cost!!!! I sent in my application 2 weeks prior to the property being available. It states in their website that applications take 3 business days. After the 1st week passed I reached out. They email the nxt day and say its still processing. Uhmmm ok. Another week passes I reach out again but no reply just a denial 2 days later to say my info was inaccurate or falsified and my references lied as well. It took 11 business days for you to call me a liar!! I had no need to lie about anything. Ive been living in the same house 12yrs never been evicted and a government employee. 2 bank accounts and drive a luxury vehicle. I make 3.5xs the rent. But My references and I all lied. SMH. Just say you used my app fee for lunch. if you look like me. You probably wont get approved. You can be qualified and some and still get denied. Ill take this as a sign. Thank GOD.
Friday 29th April 2022
Erica Jernell
1 Star
MILITARY FAMILIES... DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They will not work with you when you get orders and your lease renewal is up. They offered us a lease renewal and I explained I had orders and would need a month to month since my orders are up on 1 July. Our lease went thru 31 May. So instead of letting us be here an extra month they gave us a 30 day notice that we had to vacacate. They are NOT a military friendly company. If that's not enough.. On 31 March we had called emergency maintenance as our house smelled like burning wires. We immediately secured our power and called there so called emergency line. The dude on the phone told us someone would be calling us back...they never did. We called them back about 45 minutes later and they guy said that we should call 911. Luckily we we're calling to let them know that our family member who is an electrion was able to help us pinpoint what it was an it was not an emergency. Earlier this year our water heater went out. They sent someone to fix it, but didn't send anyone over to fix the water damage. So there is still big water stains and holes in our ceiling. 2 years ago when we renewed our lease I just signed it not thinking (yes, my fault) and when I realized our pets that passed shortly after moving in where still listed. I immediately let Andrew know we got new puppies over a year ago and he sent his smart passive aggressive email he always does saying they might make us get rid of them. Instead he done a suprise house inspection...which whatever but I caught him on my cameras sniffing my But hey atleast I passed! Like really my house was spotless and even he said you couldn't tell animals lived here if it wasn't for the 2 dog crates. They still made us pay another 1,000 dollars in pet they have 2,500 in those alone. Also, when we first moved in Cord Moving an Storage damaged the walls and the carpet. We immediately notified Andrew and let him know we where working with the company to get it taken care of. That email was pretty passive aggressive to and he made sure to let us know it is ultimately our responsibility. Which dude we get and we would have taken care of, but Cord paid them for both walls and floor upstairs. Calm down brother. Last there was a ton of things wrong when we moved in that never got fixed and we just got tierd of hounding them so they have remained unfixed. We lived on Old Brownsville road in Wolfchase Farms near the train tracks. The house has poor insulation. It's always super cold or really hot in here unless you really crank up or down the AC and heating system. You hear everybody of road noise and every train that comes thru. When it rains your backyard is a swamp as the rain just sits there. One other thing worthy to note when COVID happened they sent put letters to everyone saying rent had to be paid and they weren't going to work with people even if they lost there jobs. Didn't really apply to us, but this is the kind of company you are looking at. Personally we rented from them for 4 years. We always paid rent on time and we are pretty disappointed that they are not working with us and now going to have to live in a hotel without our stuff with an infant. So that's what ya get for paying your rent on time. Personally I would stay far away from this company there only going to screw you in the long term. Between our pet fees and security deposits they have over 5,000 dollars of our money and we found out after signing our lease and getting to my new unit that this company will keep your money for just about any excuse as there was a couple families that where departing and got screwed. So there's proably going to be that too!
Saturday 17th April 2021
Kertreck Brooks
5 Star
I rented a home through Jander Group from July 2015 to February 2017 while I lived in Tennessee and I was always pleased with their responsiveness. Andrew was very helpful when I first contacted Jander Group about viewing one of their homes. When I submitted an application to lease a home, Andrew stayed in constant contact with me on how things were going. The property management company I leased from in Illinois prior to moving into the Jander Group home was very slow to provide a rental verification, but Andrew continued to engage and was finally able to get the information he needed to complete my application. After my application was approved, the move in process went smoothly. During my course of time in the home, all maintenance requests were always resolved in a timely manner and the maintenance personnel were always friendly and eager to help. When I received military orders to transfer, I contacted Andrew and he provided me all of the information I needed to get my home ready for turnover back to Jander Group and overall the move out process went smoothly. When I requested rental verification from Jander Group for the home I'm leasing in Florida, Jander Group provided my current property manager a response within 16 hours and I was able to sign my lease less than 24 hours after I submitted my lease application, which was a huge relief for me. I've rented homes in Silverdale, WA; Belleville, IL; Beach Park, IL, and now Pensacola, FL and none have come close to being as professional and responsive as Jander Group. I would without a doubt recommend Jander Group to any of my friends or family looking to lease a home. I give two thumbs up to Andrew and his team at the Jander Group Mid-South/Greater Memphis Office.
Thursday 23rd February 2017